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4 principles of layout design Phone Number List

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2022 4:30 am
by abdulhakim
The ancients said: "Everyone has the love of beauty", not to mention that in today's Internet environment where "beauty is Phone Number List responsible" at every turn, the "beauty" of a product has obviously become a key factor in the product construction process. For interaction designers or product Phone Number List managers, although the appearance of the product is not directly responsible for us, the deliverables of our work - interactive documents/prototypes, to a large extent require a certain "look", and Better layout design capabilities to ensure efficient and accurate delivery of product goals and Phone Number List interaction plans to upstream and downstream.

Therefore, from the perspective of "typography design", I will share the four principles and visual dynamic lines of layout design successively to help you Phone Number List build the basic knowledge framework of visual design. The golden Phone Number List[/url ] rule of typography The purpose of typographic design is to better express information to users and present the information with better visual effects . There is a classic book in the layout design principle book - "Design Book Written for Everyone". Phone Number List The four principles of typography (alignment contrast, Phone Number List and intimacy) introduced in the book serve the above purposes, and good design is often the result of satisfying these four golden principles. align No element can be placed randomly on the page.

Each item should have some visual connection to something on the page. Different elements may be at different distances from each other, and order can be achieved by creating some kind of alignment for the different elements. Although these Phone Number List isolated elements Phone Number List may not be physically close together on the page, with proper placement, they can appear connected, related, and unified with other information. A beautiful design, no matter how disorganized it may initially appear, will always find its alignment. Phone Number List The elements on the business card on the left appear to be thrown at random, causing any element to appear unrelated to the other elements on the card.